The wine sows
Poetry in the hearts
Dante Alighieri

In the context of the territory of Castellinaldo, a center of oenological excellence in the heart of Roero, our family company is situated, inheriting a long tradition in the wine industry. Over the years, techniques have been refined, experiences have matured, and ambitions to do better have been realized. What has remained unchanged throughout all this time is the spirit of dedication to the land that has always driven the work of our family, along with the desire to produce wines that cater to the taste and pleasure of the wine enthusiast.

The cellar where the wine...
gains structure and body
Built in the early years of the last century, it underwent a significant renovation and expansion in 2014.
The project led to the creation of a new building, perfectly integrated into the region. A place where wines are vinified, refined, and aged.
Tastings take place in a recently renovated room where you can experience the same atmosphere as before.
Our Wines
Of hill and vineyard,
that already tastes of the harvest
under the sun
Cesare Pavese
We rely on the collaboration of the best oenology experts. We carry out the processes while respecting the land and vegetation.
We minimize chemical treatments on plants and soil, improving the energy efficiency of the cellar.
Labeling and storage take place in a location adjacent to the tasting room.
Vineyard on stony soil
and vegetable garden in fertile land
Come and discover our way of working and our products.
THE CASTLE: tasting of 3 glasses of our wines.
The tasting is accompanied by traditional artisanal breadsticks and a charcuterie board.
The tasting is preceded by a visit to the cellar and concludes in our tasting room.
Reservation is kindly requested to ensure our availability.
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